Prominent Paints

Prominent Paints

Range: Woodcare

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Prominent Woodpro Copal Varnish

A protective, oleoresinous varnish.

Prominent Woodpro Polyurethane Varnish

A single pack polyurethane varnish suitable for interior woodwork.

Prominent Woodpro PP Wooddressing

Clear alkyd based varnish with UV resistant properties.

Prominent Woodpro Promowood

A penetrating and waterproofing coating containing non-drying penetrating oils, wax and preservative for protection against fungal and insect attack.

Prominent Woodpro Promowood Waxsol F

Hydro carbon wax oil for coating and protecting wooden surfaces.

Prominent Woodpro Sanding Sealer

A clear, fast drying, non-yellowing nitrocellulose-based semi-matt sanding sealer for use as a base coat on new freshly sanded interior wood.