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There’s no denying the link between colours and our emotions. We even have an abundance of idioms to show how colour can affect mood. This is because colours send subliminal messages to our brain. In a home for people facing challenges relating to mental ability, where they may be hyper-sensitive to visual input, the significance of using colour in the décor and immediate surroundings is more important than originally believed. Recognising this and aware of its responsibility to organisations dependent on funding, PPG and its subsidiary Prominent Paints has made a donation of more than US$20 000 – R297 000 to the Paul Jungnickel Home for Adults with Disabilities (part of the Kungwini Welfare Organisation) in Pretoria East.

Made possible by PPG’s COLORFUL COMMUNITIES™ initiative – it’s customary with all its projects that CSI donations go beyond a financial investment.

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Submission by:  Carolien Haden - Prominent Paints Marketing Manager


Coatings SA will highlight the colour trends for the next year. As a guide, the article wants to highlight the colours and why they were chosen. And the impact these colours can have when applied. 

At Prominent Paints we view colour as a creative ecosystem – one that revolves around our customers. It’s fluid and collaborative and key trend drivers influence the new colours coming through. Trends are like a pendulum in that they have a force behind their beginning. They move at a steady speed and eventually slow to a point where they stop before embarking onto another swing – never swinging back to exactly the same point. 

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Prominent Paints has notched up yet another impressive contract where the paint value alone was just under one-million rand. The 480 unit multi-story RDP housing project in Gauteng has put a serious dent in the housing back-log in the Johannesburg area and Prominent Paints is proud to have been a part of this significant community enriching project.

Appointed by Raubex Building – a JSE-listed company – is also noteworthy and it’s no small thing to have the confidence and support of such a large Group. The first such project of its kind in RDP housing – the enviable standards achieved, within record turnaround times, rate among the best in any RDP construction project.

article 12July 2018 - Painting walls is a quick and easy way to revamp your home and add value to your asset. Not only will it freshen up your look but it’s a great way to reflect your personality in your décor. From accent walls, to clever paint techniques, stripes and ceilings in a contrasting colour or changing up old furniture; paint will add a new dimension to your décor. Whether you opt for a crisp white look with accents in your accessories or warmer hues - the good news is painting doesn’t have to be an exercise that breaks the bank.

There are some obvious pointers that will avoid incurring unnecessary costs, including selecting the right paint finish for the job, preparing surfaces properly before starting, and purchasing the right volumes of paint by taking accurate room measurements and using industry formulas to calculate your needs.  Selecting the right paint brand – a reliable home grown partner with heritage – is equally important.

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