Episode 2 – Exterior Wall - Peeling and Cracking

We're in Florida Park at the home of Mike Swart. Mike's having a bit of a problem with his exterior walls – everything is peeling and cracking.

What we need to do is strip every layer of paint off the wall, strip it all the way down to the plaster. Once we've done that we'll take care of any waterproofing concerns, correct plaster defects and open up cracks. Then we'll apply a good coat of primer. Finally, we'll apply two coats of Textured to take care of the cracks once and for all.

Painting Tip:
Before you start painting exterior surfaces, check the weather forecast to make sure there will be no rain for the next 24 hours and make sure that the wall is completely dry.

Interesting quote:
"If you're doing a similar project at your home, remember that up to 70% of your time could be spent in preparing the wall for painting and remember that the performance of the topcoat is directly affected by the solidity of the underlying foundation paint. So, if you don't skip any of the prep work, your topcoat will last for years" Sam


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