Episode 3 – Exterior Wall

We are at the home of Gerhardt Oosthuizen who's recently finished a whole lot of home renovations, but is less than happy with the paint on the exterior of his home.

Where the paint is peeling, both the new and the old paint is coming off, this is caused by insufficient preparation being done before applying the new paint. The old paint should have been completely removed and a primer put on before painting started. Once we have prepared the surface correctly, we'll apply 2 coats of Ultra Satin to produce a washable & stain resistant surface that'll protect your home for 10 years.

Painting Tip:
When using a high pressure water hose, always position the nozzle at an angle to the wall and keep moving it around for best results.

Interesting quote:
'It's amazing, I didn't think it would look this good.' Owner


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