Episode 4 – Exterior Wall

We're in Vanderbijlpark, at the home of Lindiwe Meira. Lindiwe has a bit of a problem with the exterior walls of her house. Lack of waterproofing, plaster cracks and the use of a low-quality primer have all contributed to the current state of the walls.

We are first going to strip every layer of peeling and flaking paint back to a sound surface, and then prepare the cracks and prime the entire wall to produce a suitable surface for the new paint. We will use Prominent Textured as the final coat to hide plaster imperfections and to bridge hairline cracks for good.

Painting Tip:
Sandpaper is normally thrown away as soon as it clogs up with paint. A great trick is to simply tap the sandpaper lightly against the sole of your shoe to unclog it - you can then use the same piece again. If it is not course enough, keep it for later use as a P100 sandpaper.

Interesting quote:
"Remember that where waterproofing is concerned, prevention is always far better than cure." - Sam


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