Episode 5 - Kitchen Cupboards

We're in Brackendowns, Alberton, at the home of Tammy Schutte. Tammy has a problem with her kitchen cupboards - there are loads of chips, and in many areas the paint has started to scratch off the cupboards.

We are first going to remove the doors from the hinges, and then sand the doors back to a sound surface. After this, the doors will be primed for the top coat. Given that this is a kitchen, it is important that the top coat is not only lead free and safe for the kitchen environment, but also that it will remain white and not turn yellow over time.

Painting Tip:
Use an abrasive pad to smooth out any brush or roller marks before applying a top coat of paint.

Interesting quote:
"I had no idea how I was going to redo my kitchen. Thank you to the Prominent team - I now have a new kitchen." - Tammy


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