Episode 7 - Coastal Walls

We're in Gouda, at the home of Johan and Cecile Uys. Johan has a problem with the exterior wall paint of their house, where there are a number of moisture- and plaster-related issues.

We are first going to remove the remainder of the peeling and flaking paint by using high-pressure water, as well scraping and sanding to remove all the defective paint back to a sound plaster surface. The plaster, which is not adhering well to the brickwork, will be removed and repaired with a plaster/sand/cement mixture. The cracks will then be opened and the repair work will be done with Neucrete, followed by a brush coat of Neucrete to the entire wall surface. Once dry, Prominent Alkali Resistant Sealer will be used to prime the walls, and then waterproof the horizontal part of the walls, followed by roof flashing. Finally, we'll apply two coats of Prominent Neuklad to complete the application.

Painting Tip:
It is important to ensure good bonding of the new plaster repairs to the existing plaster. This is best achieved by applying a coat of Prominent Plaster Binder to the exposed brick area that needs to be plastered.

Interesting quote:
"Neuklad's reputation as the most effective, most durable waterproofing paint coating is borne out by the fact that virtually all lighthouses on the Southern African coast are coated with the product." - Sam


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