Episode 8 – Crete-stone Walls

We're in Somerset West, in Cape Town, at the home of Marlese Lenhoff. Marlese is experiencing a paint problem with the interior walls of her house, as paint is peeling off the previously painted crete-stone walls.

First, the acrylic paint that was applied to some of the crete-stone varnished walls will need to be removed using paint scrapers and sandpaper, without removing the clear varnish. Next, all the walls will be sanded to a matt finish. After dusting the walls, we will wash them with General Purpose cleaner to complete the preparation process. A Prominent 2 Pack Floor Expoxy will be used as the primer to increase adhesion. Prominent Ultra Matt will be used as the top coat to provide a hardwearing and washable matt finish.

Painting Tip:
When using a new paint scraper, first round the corners with sandpaper to prevent undesirable marks.


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