Episode 9 - Bathroom Walls

We're in Mitchells Plain in the mother city Cape Town, at the home of Rashida Amadien. Rashida has an ongoing paint problem in the bathroom. The poor ventilation in the bathroom is causing a fungi problem on the walls and ceiling.

First we are going to correct the airflow out of the bathroom by installing an extractor fan. Then we are going to remove and replace the ceiling boards. The walls are going to be scrapped and sand papered to remove any loose paint. The walls will then be treated with fungal wash to kill the fungal growth. We are going to prime the walls and ceilings with Plaster Primer, followed by filling any cracks in the wall with a ready mix filler. The ceiling will be completed with 2 coats of Ultra white, while two coats of Ultra Sheen will be used to finish off the walls.

Painting Tip:
Always cut-in with the brush around the sides of the wall before filling in with the roller.


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