Episode 10 – Exterior Boundary Walls

We're in Centurion, at the home of Arlet Swarts. Arlet's boundary walls have a bit of a problem. The lack of waterproofing, along with plaster cracks and the use of a low quality primer has all contributed to the current state of the walls.

First, we will need to remove all the old paint from the walls using paint scrappers, wire brushes and sand paper. After that we'll prime the walls with Dampcure and then fill in any remaining cracks with ready mix filler. The horizontal parts of the walls will then be waterproofed using Fibre Seal. All damaged expansion joints will then be resealed with a polyurethane joint sealer. Finally, we will complete the job with Ultra Shield to hide and seal the undesirable hairline cracks.

Painting tip:
Remember to apply the 2nd coat of Fibre Seal perpendicular to the first coat. Both coats need to overlap the vertical side of the walls by at least 5cm.

Interesting quote:
"Water seeping into unsealed horizontal parts of the wall that aren't properly waterproofed can lead to unsightly stains and problems, such as streaking, peeling paint or nasty fungal growth" - Sam


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