Episode 11 – Exterior Walls

We're in Rustenburg, at the home of Willie Jacobsz. Willie has a problem with the exterior paintwork of his house. The house has no gutters, which is causing rain water to splash back against the bottom of the walls. This together with some hairline cracks, rising damp and window sills which haven't been waterproofed is causing the paint to peel and flake.

First all the flaking and peeling paint needs to be removed. Then all the cracks and plaster defects will be filled with a moisture tolerant plaster mix. The walls will then be primed with Dampcure. After that one coat of Premium Textured will be applied as an intermediate coat to fill any hairline cracks before finishing the painting with 2 coats of Premium Satin for a durable finish.

Painting tip:
Application of paint according to the manufacture's specification is essential for the correct performance of the paint

Interesting quote:
'Exterior painting is not to be taken lightly, doing it right improves the appearance of the property and protects the structure for many years. However, good quality paints and labour are not cheap, so you need to protect your investment by ensuring that your money will be well spent' Sam Marshall.


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