Episode 12 - Wood Floor

It's a beautiful day and we are in Sunnyside, Pretoria at the home of Charmaine Manicom. Charmaine's got a bit of a paint problem with the wooden floor of her cottage bedroom, let's go find out how we can make it better.

What we're going to do here is to remove all the layers of varnish and previous wood treatments back to raw wood by sanding, then fill and sand any gaps and cracks in the floor, and finally use Sherwood Wood Reviver to bring out the natural colour of the wood. As for the wood colour, we'll cover the floor and the skirting boards with a coat or two of Sherwood Floor Varnish in a colour to match the rest of the floor, followed by the remaining build coats in Sherwood Floor clear coat for a durable, long-lasting finish.

Painting tip:
When sanding, always sand with the grain and not against it, or you could damage the wood finishing. Furthermore, always keep the sander moving when in use, as it could easily leave an undesirable mark in the wood that will need to be sanded away again. Allow the sander to move forward at a slow but steady pace and avoid pulling the sander backwards.

Interesting quote:
"Just wanted to say thanks again for my beautiful floors and bedroom, and that it was all done so pleasantly and considerately" Charmaine.


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