Floors: Power Floated – New/Unpainted

Ensure that the condition of the substrate is sound e.g. no friable cement. Apply one coat PROMINENT 2PACK FLOOR EPOXY and two coats 2 PACK POLYURETHANE FLOOR COATING or two coats 2 PACK FLOOR EPOXY for interior floors only. NB Ensure that the entire surface of the floor is evenly acid etched and then washed down with clean running water. If this is not done the final finish could possibly end up patchy. The substrate preparation is very important, to ensure adequate adhesion of the primer coat.

  • Pour a Spirits of Salts/water solution, ratio 1:10 over an area of the floor and use a hard bristle broom to work the solution into the screed to etch it and remove any loose debris (it may be necessary to do this two or three times depending on the strength and porosity of the screed). Rinse with clean running water (Preferrably with a high-pressure washer).
  • Neutralise the acid wash with a PRO GOLD GP Cleaner/water solution, ratio 1:6. Use the same method as before to work the PRO GOLD GP Liquid Cleaner/water solution into the floor.
  • Rinse the floor thoroughly with clean running water and allow drying to a moisture level of 17% or below.
  • Once the floor is dry, apply one coat of PROMINENT 2 PACK FLOOR EPOXY at a spreading rate of 5m² per litre and allow a drying time of 18 hours before applying a second coat at 8m² per litre.
  • For a PROMINENT 2 PACK POLYURETHANE FLOOR COAT top coat, allow the first coat of PROMINENT 2 PACK FLOOR EPOXY to dry for 72 hours, then apply 2 coats of PROMINENT 2 PACK POLYURETHANE FLOOR COAT at a spreading rate of 8m² per liter per coat (16 hours drying time between coats no longer than 24hours).
  • Special attention must be given to the mixing of the 4Lt base coat with the 1Lt catalyst. Before mixing the catalyst with the base coat, both must be stirred thoroughly for 3 minutes. Dispense the 4Lt and the 1Lt into a clean 20Lt container, ensuring that all the contents have been removed from the 4Lt and 1Lt containers by means of brushing out the last of the contents. The 5Lt base/catalyst mixture should be stirred further for a minimum of 3 minutes. Allow a 3 minute interval before applying the coating. A tuff pile extra heavy duty roller is recommended. OR Apply two coats PROMINENT 2 PACK FLOOR EPOXY.

Carry out points 1-3 as mentioned above.
Apply two coats of PROMINENT 2 PACK FLOOR EPOXY, first coat at 5m² per liter and second coat at 8m² per liter. Recoating time – 18-24 hours no longer than 24hours. Full hardness – 7 days. Touch-dry – 2 hours. Hard dry – 24 hours.      



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