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ALLIGATORING is evident when the pattern of the cracking in the paint film resembles the scales of an alligator. These cracks generally do not expose the substrate (e.g. the surface that has been painted).


  • Application of an extremely hard, rigid coating, like an alkyd enamel, over a more flexible coating, like a water-based primer
  • Application of a topcoat before the undercoat is completely dry
  • Natural aging of oil-based paints as temperatures fluctuate (the constant expansion and contraction result in the loss of paint film elasticity)


  • Remove the old affected coating, either mechanically through scraping and sanding, or by using a paint remover or heat gun.
  • The surface should then be primed with a suitable primer, before repainting with a suitable quality topcoat.
  • The primer selection will depend on the type of surface to be primed and the topcoat selection will depend on the environment that the application will be exposed to.
For example: on an exterior plastered surface, use Prominent Plaster Primer and overcoat with Prominent Premium Textured or Premium Satin.