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Frequently Asked Questions

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Please see these questions for general paint queries.

No. Paint should never be diluted. Diluting paint will compromise many of the properties of the product such as scrubbability, stain resistance, opacity and adhesion strength. You can contact our Technical Services Department on (011) 389-4746. They can assist you with all your queries regarding thinning.

Matt paints such as PROMINENT PAINTS Ultra MATT and PROMINENT PAINTS Premium MATT have low reflection value to help hide minor imperfections on plasterwork. Sheen paints have a slightly glossy look to them which might highlight the imperfections at certain angles.

Any of our trained Decorating Centre® staff or nationwide stockists will also be able to assist you in calculating your paint requirements.
By making use of our paint calculator on our website you will be guided through a process which will determine your paint requirements.

Do a methylated spirits test with a soft cloth to determine if the colorant can be rubbed off the wall. Acrylic paint will rub off but enamel paint will not.

The best thing to do is to visit your nearest Prominent Paints Decorating Centre® or nationwide stockist and view the range of Prominent Paints Colourscapes colours that are available. Our Decorating Centres® and stockists will also be able to assist you in matching the colour to the closest available paint colour.

No. Acrylic paint will not adhere properly to enamel paint. Lightly sand the area to be painted and ensure that all the gloss areas have been dulled. Clean the surface thoroughly with clean water and allow it to dry completely. Apply 1 coat of PROMINENT PAINTS UNIVERSAL UNDERCOAT. Allow the undercoat to dry for 24 hours before applying your final coats of acrylic paint

Acrylic paints are lighter in colour when wet; the true colour can only be seen after the coating is dry.

Even though acrylic paint is touch dry in a short while you must ensure that it is left to dry before applying a second coat. Failure to do this will cause opacity problems. Consult the on-pack technical data for drying times

You can contact our Technical Services Department on (011) 389-4746. They can assist you with all your queries.


If you have a question regarding interior paint, then have a look at these answers.

Yes. Our PROMINENT PAINTS ULTRA RANGE of products is ideal for this application. The range includes a water based enamel, ULTRAGLOSS, which is very easy to apply and even easier to clean.

No. Rhinolite is a very porous and contractors PVA has minimal to no penetration into the Rhinolite. The correct product is PROMINENT PAINTS PLASTER PRIMER


Roof, paving or exterior walls giving you a headache? Look at these questions for an answer.

PROMINENT PAINTS ROOF PAINT covers 3- 5m² per litre per coat depending the surface texture and porosity of the tile.

Coating the pipes with PROMINENT PAINTS ULTRAPRIME will solve your problem. After priming you can use the same paint as for your exterior walls.


Ensure that a plastic film is evident below the paving wash with PROGOLD GP CLEANER diluted 1 to 10 with water and allow to dry. Apply one coat PROMINENT PAINTS PREMIUM PAVING diluted 20% with water for the first coat ( 6 hours curing) apply a 2ND coat PROMINENT PAINTS PREMIUM PAVING undiluted allow to cure for 7 days before allowing any vehicle movement on substrate. You can contact our Technical Services Department on (011) 389-4746. They can assist you with all your paving paint queries.


Corrosion giving you a problem? Have a look at our iron questions for some guidelines.

Yes, PROMINENT PAINTS ULTRA PRIME. It is a white, multi-substrate, low odour primer.

No, our aluminium paint is self cleaning. It sheds small quantities of loose aluminium oxide which prevents other paints from adhering to it.


Cement floors need some attention? Look no further.

Etch the floor with a 1 to 10 Sprits of Salt water solution ensuring an even etch surface is achieved, neutralize with PROGOLD GP CLEANER diluted 1 to 10 with water and allow to dry. Apply two coats PROMINENT PAINTS TWO PACK FLOOR EPOXY (16 hours curing between coats). DO NOT USE PROMINENT PAINTS PREMIUM PAVING, AS ADHESION IS LIMITED TO SMOOTH CONCRETE FLOORS


Want to restore your roof to its previous glory? Have a look at these suggestions.

It’s very important that a PROMINENT PAINTS technical services consultant visits you to assess the extent of the problem. Normally though, the roof would be treated with Prominent’s ProGold Fungal Wash, Sprayed down with a high pressure washer with a rotating nozzle, scrubbed with a hard bristle broom and then sprayed down again. The roof is then left to dry completely and then assessed and if no fungal growth is present, the roof needs to be coated with Prominent Pants Surface Restorer and over coated with 2 coats Prominent Premium Roof Paint.


Damp can cause a lot of damage. Have a look at these questions and answers for some best practices.

No. PROMINENT PAINTS Dampcure is designed to go directly onto the plaster to act as a damp barrier. It binds any moisture which occurs in the wall. Applying it over a painted surface will prevent it from reaching the moisture and will render it ineffective.

You can contact our Technical Services Department on (011) 389-4746. They can assist you with all your queries.


You have had some flooding and need to find out how best to deal with the problem. Have a look at some questions.

Apply 1 coat of PROMINENT PAINTS UNIVERSAL UNDERCOAT or PROMINENT PAINTS ULTRA PRIME to the affected areas first before applying your selected ceiling paint.