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Painting Pro Tips: How to use a wet film thickness comb

Unlock the key to professional-quality paint coating application with step-by-step guidance on using a wet film thickness comb to achieve ideal wet film thicknesses and guarantee proper drying.

Mastering Texture: A Step-by-Step Guide to applying textured Paint

From enhancing aesthetics to hiding imperfections, textured paint offers a myriad of benefits. Join us as we share a detailed guide using Prominent Paints’ Premium Textured range, exploring its ability to add depth, durability, and insulation to your living spaces.

Master the art of Fibre Seal application with Prominent Paints

Master the art of waterproofing as we unveil the essential steps to mastering Fibre Seal application. Discover why this technique is crucial for waterproofing horizontal surfaces like windowsills, and learn insider tips such as painting in the shade to optimise drying time and paint spreading rate.

Mastering Galvanised Surface Painting: A Step-by-Step Guide with Prominent Paints

Let’s delve into the intricate process of preparing and painting galvanised sheeting, with a focus on achieving a water break free surface.