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fungal growth

FUNGAL GROWTH is visible as a green, black or brownish-red growth on the surface of paint.


  • Forms most often on painted areas where the surface tends to be damp, or receives little or no direct sunlight
  • The application of paints that are not formulated to stand up to areas exposed to high humidity, condensation and poor ventilation on a daily basis, for example, bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms
  • Failure to prime bare wooden surfaces with a suitable primer before applying the topcoat
  • Painting over a surface or coating that is contaminated with fungal spores


  • Dilute ProGold Fungal Wash/water mixture as stated on the container and apply with a brush or sponge to the affected surface area.
  • Allow to react for 3 hours before washing off with water and a nylon brush.
  • Repeat this process if any traces of fungal spores are still visible on the treated surface.
  • Neutralise the areas with a diluted ProGold General Purpose Cleaner solution as stated on the container, rinse off with clean water and allow to dry.
  • Apply a suitable primer, for example, Prominent Damp Cure, followed by a quality topcoat that is suitable for the environment that it will be exposed to, for example, Prominent Ultra Satin for coastal applications