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Common Paint Problems and Solutions

Fungal Growth

FUNGAL GROWTH is visible as a green, black or brownish-red growth on the surface of paint.


CHALKING is evident with the formation of fine, white powder on the surface of the paint film due to weathering, which may give the appearance of colour fading.


DAMP is evident with the presence of unwanted moisture in the structure of a wall, and is the result of either intrusion from the outside or …


BURNISHING is evident in an area that shows an unwanted increase in the gloss or sheen of a paint film when it is subjected to …


ALLIGATORING is evident when the pattern of the cracking in the paint film resembles the scales of an alligator. These cracks generally do not expose the substrate (e.g. the surface that has been painted).

Mud Cracking

MUD CRACKING is deep, irregular cracks resembling dried mud in the dry paint film.


EFFLORESCENCE is visible as soluble salts that form on the surface of plaster or brick work, usually visible as loose white powder or as feathery crystals.